Jim wanted me to install Don Mare's 2324 Tele Tapped Nancy '53 set
which includes a tapped bridge pickup and a .1 cap in series with the neck pickup.
But he didn't want to change out his "Gatton style" pots nor have a push/pull.
I suggested a 5-way Superswitch offering the 3 standard Tele positions plus the tapped bridge and neck with .1uf cap.
A Tele cavity has to be routed in order to install a Superswitch
but since I only needed 2 poles I disassembled the switch and removed 2 poles.
Here's how to do it! Or have me assemble a control plate for you. Call or email for details.

Stock Superswitch is too wide

Drill out the pop rivets and then file to remove any edges

Disassemble switch. Save two spacers

Sand and file shaft to fit

Assemble using small nuts and bolts found at a good hardware store or hobby shop

Pre wire switch before assembly. Here's the schematic 5 way Tele schematic

Before: Stock 3-way, Too much solder on the volume pot

Don Mare's 2324 "Nancy" '53 pickups

2-pole Superswitch installed

New Fender 1-meg volume pot w/.047uf cap for that Gatton wah effect

Jim Oblon putting it though it's paces