American Standard with a stripped truss rod nut and frozen saddle screws repair.
This is a difficult repair. Sometimes the plug comes out whole and easily while other times in many pieces.
Score finish

Saturate with denatured alcohol to loosen glue. Alcohol will not hurt the hardened finish.

Heat helps also.

If you're lucky the nut isn't stripped turning counterclockwise and it will back out.
If it is stripped, used an easy out.

This is as far as the backed out nut will go

Keep using the alcohol to loosen and pull out

Make sure the hole is free of chips and glue

Remove the washer

Grab with wrench and pull out. Sometimes I put a dab of Superglue on the end.

This is one reason why they strip often. The wrench only goes in about 1/16"!

I always keep the parts in stock.

The new nuts are improved and have a deeper recess.

Reinstall nut and washer. I wax the nut first.

Insert the plug as deep as the original and mark

Sand to rough fit

Glue with Titebound. Tape off, file and sand to fit

Finished. I just use oil for finish. If you want the factory finish the whole neck must be
rough sanded and resprayed with a hardened finish.

Frozen saddle screw repair. Soak saddles in penetrating oil

Heat and keep soaking in oil if needed. If you can get a grip with allen wrench then back out

If not use pliers

Bad corrosion due to two inferior metals reacting with sweat

Installing new stainless screws in the original saddles.
I prefer using either Callaham or GraphTech replacement saddles

Wa La!