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Westerly Guild Bridges, Muller #10, Hagstrom bass and guitar.
Rosewood and ebony floating and acoustic.


Used and N.O.S. bridges.
Westerly bridges varied greatly per batch.
You must send a tracing of the outline and pin hole placement to attempt a match. N.O.S. - $100, Used - $75

Muller #10 Comparison.
Bottom: 1st version circa 1971. Stud screws into base, unthreaded grommet. 3-1/8" spacing - M5 x .8 thread
Middle: 2nd version. small opening, stud floats in base/threaded grommets. 3-1/8" spacing - M5 x .8 thread
Top: 3rd version: Larger openings, thumbscrews, and saddles.1/4 x 28
Email for pricing and info. Condition/prices vary.

Saddle, block, and screw comparison: Left: 1st version, center: 2nd, right: 3rd.
1st and 2nd are interchangable. *SOLD OUT*

Muller #10 Bridge Rebuild/Parts Page

Muller #10 bridges for sale
Gold 1st version
Top: Excellent condition w/studs and anchors. May be n.o.s. *SOLD*
Bottom: Good condition, used, *IN STOCK*
Thumbscrews and anchors available. Email for $ and info.

Second version, small thumbscrew opening.
Various conditions. Thumbscrews and grommets available.
Email for $ and info.

Last version, large thumbscrew opening, all original parts are oiled and turn.
Thumbscrews and grommets available. Email for $ and info.

Slant tailpieces available too! $175 w/screws - $150 w/o *IN STOCK*
Gold availble too,

Hagstrom Guild Bridges
60's Hagstrom Guild bridge, thumbscrews not included *SOLD*

Hagstrom made Guild bass bridge w/rosewood saddles! - *SOLD*

Muller bass bridge w/studs and grommets - *SOLD*