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Westerly Guild Knobs and Tailpieces


Guild strapbuttons w/felt washers, steel endpins, switch rings & switch caps steel or plastic - $50 each.
Pickguard, bezel, and truss rod screws, pickup screws and springs.

Truss rod covers - plain black plastic, Engraved, silkscreened, or metal
Prices vary per condition. Email for info.

Knobs: 'G' Volume and Tone 1-9 *IN STOCK* 'G' 1-10 - $50 each.
Master volume and chicken head Daka Ware "Made in Chicago" - $50 each.*IN STOCK*

Pickguards" Stairstep, S100, M75, S70, S50, S90, X79, and more.

Guild control cavity backplate and switch covers - $50

Some of these pickguards are so rare and the only examples I've seen that I don't know how to price them
Pickguard Heaven can recreate many of these for you

S70 N.O.S. pickguard with all original pickups, harness, and knobs.*Not for sale"

Left - Aviator S284 - Right - S60 *Not for sale*

S60 Complete w/Dimarzio SDS1s

X79 complete pickguard - 1978 pot code

All starstep pickguards require measurements as they vay greatly. Email for info/requirements.
Black, gold logo, small pickup rout, (Mickey Mouse pickup?) *IN STOCK*

Stairstep with screws and felt. Chrome and gold *IN STOCK*

N.O.S. stairstep with gold screws, and felt. *IN STOCK*

Stairstep with hardware: bracket, 2 top screws and felt. *IN STOCK*

X160, SF4 *IN STOCK*

Clear S100 pickguard as used on natural finished guitars.
Slight scratches, no cracks, some ink missing on G *SOLD OUT*

60's Pickguard Blank. N.O.S. After silkscreening but before paint and pickup routing. *IN STOCK*

N.O.S. S300 pickguard. *IN STOCK* Screws now available.