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Scroll down for HB1s, Mickey Mouse, Artist Award, Brian May, XR-7, Duncan and Dimarzio Guild pickups, bezels, screws and springs.
Complete pickguards! S70, S50, S90, S60, Brian May
HB1s IN STOCK! Email for pricing/info. Prices vary per condition


Rare early 70's HB1 set with factory installed 3 conductor bridge terminal/wire for S100 phase switching!
Complete set w/bezels, springs, screws.
6.5k bridge/ 5.5k neck $600 *SOLD*
Wrapped up in 1976 newspaper and stored away until 2013

1974 HB1 set, very clean, w/bezels, screws, and springs. Both read approx. 6K on analog meter $500 *SOLD*

Late 70s-80s HB1 bridge and neck matched set, both 7.5K, 4 conductor:black/orange/red. $400/set *SOLD*

Artist Award pickups
Good condition. Never installed but slight scratches from storage. $125 *IN STOCK*

HB Bass pickup w/bezel, screws, springs. *IN STOCK*

S90 pickguard with HB1 set, screws, and springs *IN STOCK*

S50 pickguard with "Mickey Mouse" pickup - *SOLD*

S70 pickguard, Norplex, Like new! Complete w/Dimarzio SDS1 set, pots, cap, switch, jack, and knobs. '76 pot code - *$500*

Left - Aviator S284 - Right - S60 '74 pot code
Email for info/price.

S60 Complete w/Dimarzio SDS1s, Norplex, '77 pot code
Email for info/price

Duncan Brian May pickups.

N.O.S. bridge pickup

Guild XR-7 pickup set. N.O.S. *SOLD*
Dimarzio made in the 80s

Seymour Duncan, 90's era HB1s.
Guild cover and plate with Duncan coils, bezels, and magnets. Very cool.

Seymour Duncan '59 set and JB set. With factory pickup screw conversion! *SOLD*

Dimarzio SDS1 with factory Guild 3 hole mount *SOLD*

Fender made HB1, smaller universal pickup screw mounting, 8K, red/black/green,
with bezels and black screws. *SOLD*

Bezels sets in black and cream! $80/set*IN STOCK*

HB1 gold and chrome pickup screws and springs*IN STOCK*

Brian May pickguard assembly! *Not Available*

Artist Award pickup and pickguard *SOLD*