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Scroll down for HB1s, Mickey Mouse, Artist Award, Brian May, XR-7, Duncan and Dimarzio Guild pickups, bezels, screws and springs.
Complete pickguards! S70, S50, S90, S60, Brian May


Rare early 70's HB1 set with factory installed 3 conductor bridge terminal/wire for S100 phase switching!
Complete set w/bezels, springs, screws.
6.5k bridge/ 5.5k neck $600 *SOLD*
Wrapped up in 1976 newspaper and stored away until 2013

1974 HB1 set, very clean, w/bezels, screws, and springs. Both read approx. 6K on analog meter $500 *SOLD*

Late 70s-80s HB1 bridge and neck matched set, both 7.5K, 4 conductor:black/orange/red. $400/set *SOLD*

Artist Award pickups
Good condition. Never installed but slight scratches from storage. $125 *IN STOCK*

HB Bass pickup w/bezel, screws, springs. $250 *IN STOCK*

S90 pickguard with HB1 set, screws, and springs *IN STOCK* ebay listing

S50 pickguard with "Mickey Mouse" pickup - *SOLD*

S70 pickguard, Norplex, Like new! Complete w/Dimarzio SDS1 set, pots, cap, switch, jack, and knobs. '76 pot code - *$500*
Used:ebay listing

Left - Aviator S284 ebay listing - Right - S60 '74 pot code *$200*

S60 Complete w/Dimarzio SDS1s, Norplex, '77 pot code
ebay listing

Duncan Brian May pickups.

N.O.S. bridge pickup

Guild XR-7 pickup set. N.O.S. *SOLD*
Dimarzio made in the 80s

Seymour Duncan, 90's era HB1s.
*1 neck pickup in stock*
Guild cover and plate with Duncan coils, bezels, and magnets. Very cool.

Seymour Duncan '59 set and JB set. With factory pickup screw conversion! $100 each

Dimarzio SDS1 with factory Guild 3 hole mount. $100 *IN STOCK*

Fender made HB1, smaller universal pickup screw mounting, 8K, red/black/green,
with bezels and black screws. *SOLD*

Bezels sets in black and cream! $80/set*IN STOCK*

HB1 gold and chrome pickup screws and springs*GOLD ONLY, SPRINGS SOLD OUT

Brian May pickguard assembly! *Not Available*

Artist Award pickup and pickguard *SOLD*