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Tuner Upgrades and Repairs
Grover, Tone Pros, Schaller, Hipshot, Kluson in stock
Guild tuners in stock! 60s through 90s! Guildparts

Cast sealed tuner to steel vintage style tuner conversions
Conversions bushings installed

Hipshot lollipop nickel plated F-tuners
Clover key and open gear 6 in line in stock.

Kluson tuner repair. A common problem with vintage Klusons is the plastic disintegrating.
Save your old tuners by having the buttons replaced

Break off old buttons and clean shaft
I predrill the new buttons with an 1/8" drill

Heat shaft just a bit to help with installation

Tap the new button on.
Oil tuners and they are good to go!

Tone Pros Les Paul locking tuners. Direct replacement!
Great quality, locks in which prevents break in time and wrap slippage
Add a Tusq nut for tone and to prevent strings from grabbing in slots

Vintage Gibson Kluson mandolin tuners
Disintegrated buttons

Restored tuners with new buttons